Protect Your Rights In Resolving Probate Disputes

Proper and effective estate planning is the best way to avoid probate disputes down the road. Unfortunately, disagreements can still arise, requiring the thorough review and evaluation of a knowledgeable estate and probate litigation lawyer.

Effective Dispute Resolution Strategies To Minimize The Impact Of Litigation

Disputes can arise between all types of heirs and beneficiaries, including siblings, stepsiblings, parents and children of a deceased family member, as well as nonfamily members who may have a claim as a beneficiary. We represent personal representatives, individuals and others in probate, trust and estate litigation. Our trial attorneys are well-respected for their aggressive representation and determination to resolve disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Common sources of friction in will contests and probate litigation matters include:

  • Challenges to the validity of the will
  • Claims of undue influence
  • Duress or coercion
  • Allegations involving mishandling or misappropriation of assets
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Most disputes in probate proceedings involve potential issues that arose before a family member passed away — dating back to the time the will was drafted or amended. Other disputes may arise concerning the administration of the estate itself. But some estate disputes may involve issues concerning the intent of the decedent when conflicting provisions appear in beneficiary designations and other estate documents.

Partner William A. Erhart recently successfully argued a leading estate litigation case before the Minnesota Supreme Court that determined the beneficiary designation associated with a certificate of deposit controlled in the absence of a specific provision naming the CD in the will.

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