Planning for the future can take many forms. Unfortunately, many people put off creating an estate plan. The prospect of estate planning, on the surface, can seem daunting. However, preparing a well-crafted estate plan with an experienced lawyer can provide you with peace of mind that your family and your legacy will be protected. Erhart & Elfelt, LLC, is a well-respected, local law firm, in Anoka that is devoted to helping clients protect their interests in estate planning and probate matters.

Creating structure to an estate plan and directly addressing concerns related to asset distribution, the care of minor children, health care matters and more are all important estate matters. We are a full-service estate planning and probate law firm. Our counsel and representation in these areas include:

  • Wills and trusts: Do I need a will? Will a trust help my family avoid probate? Many people have questions about what estate planning tools can accomplish. We will thoroughly review your assets, how property is owned and titled and any beneficiary designations, and help you understand wills and trusts. We strive to provide the tools you need to accomplish your goals.

  • Health care directives and powers of attorney: Can estate planning help my family if I am injured or suffer a medical emergency and cannot speak for myself? Creating a health care directive, commonly referred to as a living will or health care power of attorney, can help avoid strife should you become incapacitated and unable to communicate your health care wishes. We will explain how Minnesota law allows you to address health care matters and financial decisions through a power of attorney should you be unable to make decisions for yourself.

  • Probate and estate administration: I have been named a personal representative in a loved one's estate: What do I do now? My father left no will: How do I settle my father's estate? Whether you need to probate a will or need guidance through the process of distributing an estate without a will, we can guide you through every step during this emotional time.

  • Probate litigation: What happens in a will contest or other probate dispute? We represent individuals, personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries when disputes arise over the distribution of an estate. Our trial experience and strong command of Minnesota probate law are clear strengths in probate litigation.

To learn more about our cost-effective, personalized estate planning and probate practice, we invite you to contact us online or call 763-392-0738. We serve clients in Anoka County, Sherburne County, Hennepin County and throughout the northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities.